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Hotel Renlyckan AB Ramsele is for sale

Hotel Operating hotels Renlyckan in Ramsele with restaurant, pub and festivity room. Here you will find the personal atmosphere, as the great hotel doesn´t have. The hotel is cozy, intimate and very suitable for family or a couple who want to run a nice business together. Current owner (2p) has driven it for 4 years with great success about 25% profit increase every year (11%, 20%, 40%). The hotel is run today as a hotel with breakfast, the new owners can with good success to continue on the same track if you want. The hotel has a large restaurantkitchen and bar, as well as a number of events in the village with large influx of audience that one can participate in if you so wish.


Water, forest and wind industry, mostly businesscustomers are billed. You work in the morning and in the evening KL: 5.30 to 9.00 and KL: 18.00 to 21.00. Between Christmas and New Year is the season when it can be closed if desired. About 2500 guest nights per year and it is increasing. No competing hotel closeby so you do not need to attach themselves to on sales channel because the bookings are handled easily by phone, web and e-mail.


Of the 600 pcs of windturbines are just 200 pcs almost ready assembled and all will be completed so there is opportunity for the new owner to stand in the starting blocks and bid on accommodation for the workers if you want. It is about a million contracts of value, but it does create some work too. There are 2 dams which have just begun renovationwork. The hotel provides today a part of the workers with housing. The renovation will last a few more years. When the 600 wind turbines are assembled, they need maintenance workers and then there is only one hotel as the service personnel can stay at. Some days the hotel and external rooms, which are hired fullbooked and you have to refuse accommodation requests. It is easy and cheap money to increase hotel room (about 5.000kr per bed). Current owners think that the current level is appropriate. Room rates are not raised in 3 years so there is room for an increase. The hotel has declined to unaccompanied refugeekids because the hotel is fully booked. Wind industry 130 beds expected to disappear in a year and then there's only the hotel available. It gives the hotel the opportunity to expand their business. The 400 remaining wind turbines gives the hotel the opportunity to participate in offeringbids.

The hotel

12 rooms with 19 beds (7 double and 5 single),

all rooms with shower / toilet, television and

Free Internet.

All rooms are non-smoking.

Restaurant / Pub if you want

Free car park

Today there is an apartment building (company apartment) attached to the hotel as hotels buyer has the option to buy in conjunction with the hotel purchase, more info on it at the booked visits. The apartment building also has a condominium. Rental house is on about 5 min walking distance.


The hotel is well known in Ramsele vicinity and has since the 1900s been the beginning hotel business and party room (more than 100 years now).


Turnover 2014-2015 is about 2 million, the cost ink all about: SEK 1 million. It has invested a lot. Earnings 2014-2015 is between 750,000kr- 1,100,000 SEK. All sums exc before various deductions and dividend begins. The numbers are increasing all the time. Sales for 2015-2016 is expected to increase med10-15%. With the current design of the hotel and the goal is expected the increase to about 2,1 million. These figures relate to accommodation's fixed income with minimal work. Pub and dinning area is in day length dormant and not included in these figures because we have a lack of cookingfaciliteies.

Hotels Renlyckans position

The hotel is located in the village of Ramsele in Sollefteå in Västernorrland.


The restaurant is a nice bright room for about 60 psersons, where breakfast is served. Full alcoholic rights are today. The new owners should have alcohol education and the restaurant kitchen risk analysis training. Pub and dinning meets all the requirements and has all the papers in order.

The hotel has newly installed fire alarm that new owners should educate themselves in. In the current situation we have 24/7 staffing of the hotel but with a simple update so you do not have the person present at night if you wish.


Ramsele has 968 inhabitants. School 1-9 and, daycare and. Liquor store, ICA, OKQ8 petrol, Café, Pizzeria, Bank, Handelsbanken, pharmacies and hairdressers. Medical center with doctors, dentalcare, civic offices, working with church choirs and other activities, slalom slope, ski trails, jogging tracks with lights and ice hockey hall. Additionally campsite with outdoor swimming pool, bath house, gymfacilites. With bus you can take to Solleftea where there are connections by train and bus south or north. Close to the water when it flows a river through the village. Hunting opportunities in Ramsele. Surrounded by forest. Ramsele provides an opportunity to stay in a quiet setting with amenities within walking distance and that they have opportunities for outdoor activities with high quality in a quiet environment.

Price: Bid.

The price refers to hotel property with fixtures and phone number

and Hotel 2 (business apartments).

Is an AB, but it includes capital and desired it to be bought so we had to take and ask the auditor to evaluate AB and its value.


Only booked visits discussed the deal. The figures released by confidentiality Signing, and then given the opportunity to look at the records, booking binder and future plans.

Transitional period

If desired, the current owners will be in the background during a transition period as the new owner time to familiarize themselves with the most, if desired.

// Andreas CEO For Hotels Renlyckan AB

Storgatan 11

880 40 Ramsele

Tel: 0623-10680

E-mail:  Hotell@hotellrenlyckan.se


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wc/dusch & tv

Tillgång till gratis wifi i rummen.

Hotellet *** och bemannat dygnet runt, rökfritt hotell & tvättservice.

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